Explore local oddities with odd local


Are you here to absorb authentic Portland culture?


Are you trying to live like a local while you are?

Because Portland is a Millennial playground best understood when explored like someone from here.

Rather than focus on how to make more money, Portlanders focus on how to enjoy their time.

Weird, right?


You came to see what sets Portland apart,

and what better way of finding out than living like a local yourself?

Here are the city’s favorite pastimes: picking up weed from the neighborhood dispensary, getting cozy inside a cafe lounge, eating eclectic food with a range of options, and grabbing beers from a funky looking bar.

So for starters, we'll poke around a weed dispensary, where we'll get a feel for just how legal marijuana is in the city.

Second, we'll sip tea inside a cozy residence that's been converted into a living room cafe.

Third, we'll grab meals from a food cart pod featuring Vegan, Egyptian, and Vegan-Egyptian options.

And lastly, we'll drink beers at a trippy bar that was intentionally designed to look like an acid trip.

Along the way, I'll enlighten you to the community's culture and provide custom recommendations on how to live like the locals!


People who find this tour meaningful:

  1. People who want to learn about the city through a Portlander who’s passionate in what he’s talking about.

  2. People who want to experience the authentic culture of the local community.

  3. Fans of Portlandia who want to see for themselves how true the series is.

  4. People who intentionally use travel to develop themselves and their world perspectives.

I would’ve never found these places on my own.
— Every Person, from Everywhere
Dresden told us great stories and interesting facts about Portland. I definitely loved it and would recommend this to anyone wanting to learn about local life here while sampling some local specialities.
— Rebecca, from Utah
It’s very apparent that Dresden loves and knows the city of Portland well, and he’s excited to share that knowledge with others. The tour offers a look not just at the physical structures of the city, but into the hearts and minds of the people who make Portland such a cool place.
— Valerie, from Nevada
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My name's Dresden, and I'll be your guide.

To explore the city like a true Portlander, I’ll show you where you’d go and how you’d do it.


$34 per traveler, and I'll buy your first drink!


Two and a half hour tours on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays starting at 4:00pm.

Don't see a time frame that works? Message me to work out a private tour!


Must be 21 or older.

Please be prepared to walk two miles on sidewalk.

Please bring comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

International travelers, please bring your passports, as Oregon bars and dispensaries are very strict on having passport IDs if you're from abroad.


Tetra Cannabis, 4011 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR

We will not be returning to our starting location.