Weird-Bar Crawl with Fanatical Local


Do you want to see Portland through the eyes of its BIGGEST FAN?

Are you curious about communities that prioritize PEOPLE, SUSTAINABILITY, and CHEAP CRAFT BEERS?

Are you ready to embark on an ALL YOU CAN PORTLAND BUFFET through a walking tour featuring WEIRD BARS and LOCAL INTERACTIONS?

Then I’ve got the adventure for you: THIS TOUR.

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Throw Snakes Tours prioritizes

interacting with the locals where the locals go.

I show you the soul of Portland by immersing you in its people. This means exploring neighborhood districts, drinking taps from neighborhood breweries, and getting the neighborhood perspective through interacting with the people who live here.

By the end of the walking tour, we’ll have made a mildly-inebriated adventure from seeing why the people of Portland are the attraction of the city.


people who find this tour meaningful:

  1. Fans of Portlandia who want to see for themselves how true the series is.

  2. People who prefer to explore with welcoming friends rather than alone.

  3. People who prefer a Drink, Eat, Drink night rather than a Drink, Drink, Drink night.

  4. People with no time to grow roots in the city, but want to know where they'd hang out if they lived here.

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I could see myself moving to Portland.
— Every Person, from Everywhere
If you are someone who’s openminded, looking to meet new people, and be around such positive energy, then this is the activity for you.
— Marina, from California
A great way to meet people and share stories, all the while having a few drinks.
— Roy, from New Zealand
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My name's Dresden, and I'll be your guide.

I'm your friend that brings you friends on your adventure through Portland.


$49 per traveler, and I'll buy your first beer!


Three hour tours on Mondays & Fridays starting at 7:00pm.

Don't see a time frame that works? Message me to work out a private tour!


Please be prepared to walk two miles on sidewalk.

Please bring comfortable shoes and dress for the weather.

International travelers, please bring your passports, as Oregon bars and dispensaries are very strict on having passport IDs if you're from abroad.


HI Hawthorne Hostel, 3031 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

We will not be returning to our starting location.